ArcSight SmartConnectors silent mass upgrade

Since the Jun 2, ArcSight has release a new version of the free ArcSight Logger L750MB ( and for related SmartConnectors ( You can download these updates from ArcSight Download Center.

In my previous blogpost we have document on how silently mass install SmartConnectors, in this new blogpost we will see on how upgrade these SmartConnectors also silently. This blogpost is only applicable if you have standalone SmartConnectors, not connected to a Connectors Appliance, L3x00 Logger Appliance serie (whow integrate a Connectors Appliance) or directly connected to ArcSight ESM SIEM.

The previous installed SmartConnectors version was, you can check your SmartConnector version by executing this command.

First of all you need to completely install, for example, a Windows Syslog SmartConnector as described in my previous “Syslog SmartConnector and Snare installation“.

After the SmartConnector installation start to install the version. You will see this following screen, just click “OK” to continue.

Later during the installation process, if you see the following screen just click on the “Cancel” button.

Open a command prompt and go to the SmartConnector installation directory (ex : C:\Program Files\ArcSightSmartConnectors) and execute the following command.

The “recorderui” start option will allow you to record the installation process in order to create a mass installation properties configuration file.

The installation wizard will propose you to select a “Silent Properties File Name” and a typical “Installation Target Folder“.

Create an “” file on your desk and select it in the wizard. Also select a default installation folder, for example “D:\ArcSightSmartConnectors“. Now you can continue your typical SmartConnector configuration.

When you see this screen, check the “I do not want to change any settings” as described in the following screenshot.

Finish the setup, and you can examine your “” file to adapt the properties with your needs.

Adapt the “USER_INSTALL_DIR” and “ARCSIGHT_AGENTSETUP_PROPERTIES” variables to your needs.

Now you can upgrade all your SmartConnectors in silent mode. If a properties file named either “” reside in the same directory as the installer, it will automatically be used, overriding all other command line options, unless the “-f” option is used to point to another valid properties file.

The “-f” option can be used by following command line.